Videoman first appeared as a creature, created by Electro. Its abilities include moving through and manipulating electronic circuits, and Videoman is used by Electro to suck in and entrap Spider-Man, Flash Thompson, Firestar and Iceman into a video game display where Electro attempts to destroy the four. However, Flash is able to save himself and the others by escaping through the monitor and into Electro's electronic components to save the others.

This original villainous version of Videoman makes one other appearance with the additional abilities of bringing video game characters to life and draining the unique bio-energy of mutants, temporarily suppressing Iceman's powers and weakening Firestar. This time, Videoman is defeated when the Spider-Friends trick it and its video game minions into attacking one another. Francis Byte goes on to become the new Videoman. In addition to being heroic, Francis does not display full mastery of his powers like the original did.


Seemingly those of Videoman (Earth-616)#Powers.

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