Quote1 Destroy all combatants! Quote2
-- Videoman src

Videoman's full origins are unrevealed. Powered by a computer processor unit, the electronic being emerged from a classic "Videoman" arcade video game and rampaged throughout Madison Square Garden. Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and Iceman quickly disposed of the menace when Iceman froze the two-dimensional creature and Spider-Man shattered its body. Apparently not realizing Videoman's power source, the two left the processor unit behind. Some time later, Videoman reconstituted its form (this time as a two-sided being) and attacked Spider-Man. The surprise attack left Spider-Man weakened and Videoman almost defeated the hero. Iceman and Firestar, who were nearby, interrupted its assault. Firestar's microwave blasts scrambled Videoman's form, which gave Iceman the opportunity to freeze his internal processor unit. Videoman's form blinked out of existence, leaving only the processor unit. Spider-Man took the unit into his possession for safekeeping, promising to keep it in his freezer.


Videoman can emit rapid fire energy blasts which emerge from each arm as a multitude of two-dimensional rectangular shapes that explode upon contact with other objects. In its two-sided form, Videoman possesses enough "strength" (force) to punch through solid ice.


His energy signature is vulnerable to microwaves.

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