Victoria grew up in Italy unaware of her true nature. After learning more about her father, she took up the task of dealing with the Darkhold. Assassins were sent by Lilith (Mother of Demons) to kill her. Victoria's lover Nash was fatally wounded protecting her. Nash was healed with a Darkhold spell, but she then died when the spell had to be undone.[citation needed]
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Victoria formed the Darkhold Redeemers with Jinx, Louise Hastings, and bodyguard Sam Buchanan. They were further assisted by Modred the Mystic during his periods of clarity. However, they were unhappy with his self-centered goals and moments of being untrustworthy.[citation needed]

This battle against evil led her to join the Midnight Sons, which she used to oppose the Darkholders for several decades, her supernatural heritage slowing her aging.[1] However, as Lilith and her Lilin attacked, Victoria suddenly realized she was pregnant. Doctor Strange deduced that this was Chthon's plan all along. The Elder God would use her as a means to be reborn into Earth's dimension and make a mockery of her family's mission. He secretly placed her into stasis.[citation needed]

Chthon's forces came for Victoria and brought her out of stasis. She began to deliver the baby. However, by attempting to take the form of Victoria's baby Chthon left himself vulnerable. Doctor Strange was able to stop the powerful Elder God, showing him that there was purity within Victoria, a being made from his dark essence. The Midwife also assisted Strange as her duty to preserve life was greater than serving Chthon.[citation needed]
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Now able to live a normal life, Victoria was believed to have returned to Italy. However, she received word that the Darkhold had resurfaced and been acquired by the symbiote-powered serial killer Carnage, who had been altered and empowered by it. Getting in touch with Claire Dixon, the FBI agent formerly in charge of the operation to capture Carnage, Victoria offered to sponsor her team's efforts.[2] When Claire was captured by Carnage and bonded to a Darkhold-corrupted symbiote, Victoria assumed direct leadership of the team, though the other members expressed doubts over her mysterious past.[3]

The team was soon joined by Jubulile van Scotter, a young woman who assisted Kasady on her boat when she found him adrift, unaware he was a homicidal lunatic. Jubulile had also been merged to a symbiote in a failed attempt from Carnage to control her before she escaped from him.[4] Jubulile's symbiote also caused her to share a psychic bond with Carnage.[1]

Montesi's team finally located Carnage after the maniac delved deep into a mysterious uncharted island. Unfortunately, they arrived too late, as Carnage had already reached an ancient temple where he started a ritual to summon the Elder God Chthon.[5] Armed with her own symbiote, the Toxin symbiote from Brock, and the Raze symbiote from Dixon, Jubulile confronted Chthon when he arrived. Montesi retrieved the Darkhold from Carnage and used it to further empower Jubulile with the psychic energies of the entire world. This final power-up allowed Jubulile to banish Chthon. When the dust settled, the anti-Carnage task force disbanded. Their members bid farewell to each other and parted ways. Montesi refused to accompany Manny Calderon, with whom she shared mutual affection, stating it was her responsibility to deliver the Darkhold to the Children of the Midnight Sun. When Manny wondered if she would see Victoria again, Montesi assured her time had many stories to tell.[6]


Like previous Montesis, Victoria is naturally resistant to the corrupting influence of the Darkhold. She is able to cast spells from it without any known penalty. Victoria can also sense when spell from the Darkhold is being used.

A number of beings did not seem to notice Victoria when she was nearby even when they would attack those accompanying her. It is unclear if she is undetectable to them or if they allow her to pass fearing retaliation from Chthon.

She was considered as a possible Sorcerer Supreme.[citation needed]

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