The Red Skull (ruler of the free world since World War II) spared the life of Victor von Doom as a young man. The Skull took a shining to him and named Doom his official heir.

In pursuit of further power, Von Doom killed the Skull and overtook his role as leader of the world. The entire economy was based on military aggression and when Von Doom ran out of worlds to conquer his researchers produced a Universal Cube, which would allow him to traverse dimensions.

His explorations attracted the attention of the Avengers of Earth-982 who travelled to his world to prevent his plans. They battled Doom's forces and were able to de-rail his plans. When the newest generation of Avengers ventured to Doom's earth, he was about to launch a second attack on their earth but the Avengers, along with the resistance led by Captain America, were able to stop his plans. When the Avenger Crimson Curse was using her mystical abilities to destroy the cube, Doom attacked her and the two were hurled into the Universal Cube which then imploded.


Experienced in the mystic arts.


He uses a suit of armour which grants him the ability of flight, fire concussive energy blasts, enhances his strength and provides him with a force field.

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