The past history of Victor von Doom of Earth-808 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart until his days at State University. In this reality, when his classmate Reed Richards would point out miscalculations with one of his experiments, Doom would actually listen to Reed and enlist his aid in his experiments to contact the afterlife. With Reed's help, Doom would succeed in contacting the dead and learn that his mother Cynthia's soul suffered in hell.

He would quit university and seek out learning as much about the occult he could learn. Eventually he would end up at a Tibetan monastery where the monks would construct for him a golden suit of armor. He would then use his arcane knowledge to cast the spell needed to save his mothers soul, earning the ire of the demon-lord Mephisto.

Doom would return to his native Latveria, where he would liberate it's people from the tyrannical Prince Rudolfo, who would die in their battle. With his people freed, Doom would be reunited with his childhood love Valeria and the two would soon be married. However, just after their marriage, Mephisto would strike taking the entire kingdom of Latveria captive. When Doom would attempt to free his people from the hell-lord, he would fail and Mephisto would make him a deal: replace his mothers soul with either that of his own or his love Valeria and his people would be set free. Unable to sacrifice himself, Doom would offer up the soul of Valeria in his place and Mephisto would honor their deal.

Doom would be immediately shamed by this deal, and would sequester himself in his castle forever more, marshaling his strength for the one time a year he could cast the spell needed to attempt to rescue Valeria from Mephisto's realm. As of his last recorded appearance, Doom has yet to be successful.

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