During a series of "mutant wars" which drastically up-heaved and reshaped the world, Victor von Doom was horrifically injured, consequently forcing him to replace several of his limbs with cybernetic additions and to rebuild himself over time until he was consequently 'more machine than man'. During this time, however, the world was rebuilt under the guidance of Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four into a techno-utopia, rendering Doom's technological 'advantages' obsolete and eroding his political status and power-base to nothing.

With nothing left to him but his vendetta against Richards, Doom went insane, rejecting Richards' offer of a part to play in the new world, invading the Fantastic Four satellite and attacking the Four in combat. During the battle, the young Franklin and Valeria Richards intervene to defend their family, but Franklin's power overloads, seemingly vaporizing Doom, Franklin and Valeria. The loss of the children shatters the Four, and they consequently go their separate ways.

Years later, Susan Richards' obsessive quest to save her children sees her unite with Doctor Strange to use the Orb of Gnomon to turn back time and pull her children forward in time into the future. Doom, however, is pulled forward as well, renewing his obsessive battle with the Four. Refusing to believe he has been brought into the future, he eventually makes his way to Richards' gateway into the Negative Zone, which has been set to self-destruct; as he enters the gate, it does so, trapping him there. He is later seen having killed Annihilus in combat and seizing control of the Negative Zone.

This version of Doctor Doom was missing significantly more of his body than his 616 counterpart, including portions of his body, his left eye, and both arms and legs. These have been replaced and enhanced with cybernetic additions, with an extra two arms added.

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