In this reality, Sentry killed Ares before the Siege of Asgard began, thus not weakening him in the middle of the battle by using the immense power required to kill a god. Sentry defeats and kills all of the heroes who oppose them and Doom uses his magics to cloak himself and Emma Frost whom he rescues from the battlefield and takes back to Utopia where he and Loki are conspiring to kill the Sentry and stop Norman Osborn who is attempting to usurp the President of the United States. They bring Bullseye, the man who killed the Sentry's wife before him and reveal all of Osborn's lies. All this results in however, is pushing Reynolds over the threshold of insanity and ceding all control to the Void who kills all of them before proceeding to kill Osborn and the rest of Earth as well before moving on to the rest of the universe.


Seemingly those of Victor von Doom (Earth-616)#Powers

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