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A Keewazi with a chip on his shoulder, Victor Ten Eagles rode with the Lawless in his youth. When Xi'an Chi Xan abandoned their friend Broken Haiku during a firefight, Ten Eagles went back for her and got her to relative safety.

After the Lawless disbanded, Victor dedicated himself to the production of holographic art scenarios. Ten Eagles contacted Xi'an about a "winged man" sighting out in the desert. Krystalin of the X-Men joined Victor in investigating the potential mutant, only to be captured and brainwashed by Master Zhao for his Chosen. Ten Eagles returned to his art after Zhao was defeated.

Ten Eagles and the surviving Lawless members were targeted by a Foolkiller, who chased Victor to Halo City. Ten Eagles joined Xi'an and the X-Men as they evacuated Halo City for the Savage Land when the worldwide sea levels rose.






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