A Keewazi with a chip on his shoulder, Victor Ten Eagles rode with the Lawless in his youth. When Xi'an Chi Xan abandoned their friend Broken Haiku during a firefight, Ten Eagles went back for her and got her to relative safety.[1]

After the Lawless disbanded, Victor dedicated himself to the production of holographic art scenarios. Ten Eagles contacted Xi'an about a "winged man" sighting out in the desert. Krystalin of the X-Men joined Victor in investigating the potential mutant, only to be captured and brainwashed by Master Zhao for his Chosen. Ten Eagles returned to his art after Zhao was defeated.[2]

Ten Eagles and the surviving Lawless members were targeted by a Foolkiller, who chased Victor to Halo City. Ten Eagles joined Xi'an and the X-Men as they evacuated Halo City for the Savage Land when the worldwide sea levels rose.[3]






Cybernetic arm

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