Captain Victor Cochran was a cartographer stationed in Miami by the US Navy in 1945. A recon flight to investigate strange sightings over the Bermuda Triangle ended with Cochran, his face severely burned, crashing in an unknown location within the triangle and finding himself millions of years in the past being worshipped as the god Viracocha by a tribe of temporally displaced Inca's. Thirty one years later (in Cochran's personal timeline) more visitors from the future arrived, in the shape of Skull the Slayer and his crew and after subjecting them to a test in a pit which successfully convinced the tribe that they too were gods, Cochran welcomed them to 'his' city. Unfortunately, he was wounded with a spear by warriors loyal to the traitorous Jaguar Priest Villac Umu (who wished to usurp his position) shortly afterward. He was later reported by Skull as having been presumed killed.[1]

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