Vic Chalker was a scientist determined to exterminate the Mutants.

In that purpose, he designed a suit of battle armor to do away with them but ran into several issues. He died when some exposed wiring on his armor was struck by rain.[1]

His brother Rick Chalker tried to avenge him, calling himself the Number One Fan, but killed himself in attempting to quit his impenetrable house after having removed his hands for blades.[2]

His other brother, the mutant Dick Chalker, aka Carnivore, swore to avenge him and "his cousin Mick" (presumably Rick), only to be hit by a car soon after.[3]

He was resurrected by Charon alongside his brothers, to battle X-Factor. The three of them were finally destroyed, Vic and Rick killing each other.[4]

The Chalker family seems to be restructured, via remarriage, half-brothering, as Vic is both Rick and Dick's brother, but these two are cousins. Dick even called his dead cousin Mick.

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