Veronica Langkowski is the ex-wife of Walter Langkowski. The two raised a son together (whereabout unknown) but soon drifted apart. Walter went to work for Department H and Veronica lived off their mutual wealth. Upon hearing of her husband's death, Veronica attempted to claim his fortune. However, Walter was not dead, merely in the form of fellow Alphan Snowbird, a woman. When Walter attempted to retrieve his fortune, he was unable to because not only was he a woman, but he no longer was able to write his own signature. He approached Veronica for some assistance and made her realize that it was in fact him, in this female body. However, Veronica knew he couldn't prove this and so the two went to court to battle over the fortune, with Veronica winning because the judge was being pressured by the government (so that Walter could not use his money to fund Alpha Flight).

When Walter was able to regain his original body, down to the genetic level, he re-gained his fortune and presumably made his divorce final.

Alpha Flight volume 1 issue #10 states that Walter and his ex-wife have a son. To date this is the only reference to Walt ever having a son.

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