Dr. Veronica Connor's husband, Daniel worked for or with Department K and/or the Weapon X Program as he was able to attain DNA from Wolverine during the time when he part of Weapon X and was bonded to Admantium. Working together, Veronica and Daniel implanted used Wolverine's DNA in their unborn daughter, Avery. These activities were overseen by their supervisor, Kiefer. As Avery grew, her parents began to have recriminations. At age 6, they began devising a scheme to escape from under Kiefer's control This involved simulating a breakdown of their marriage and trial separation.[1]

Kiefer, aware of their true plans, hired Elektra to assassinate both parents. She succeeded in killing Daniel. [2] Kiefer, feigning innocence, brought Wolverine in to protect Avery. Veronica did not initially trust Wolverine but eventually revealed the truth of Avery's origins to him. [3]

Due to the actions of Elektra and Wolverine, Kiefer was killed but Veronica and Avery were still not safe. Elektra and Wolverine arranged for alternate identities and safehouses for the two and they went underground.[4]

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