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Modern Age

In a U.S. government seismic station in Vermont, Ralph and his colleague detected a near-panic anomaly centered on New York City[1].

Many years later, She-Hulk and Louise Mason became temporarily stranded in Mount Pressure when they flew over it an anomaly that shorted out the power on her flying car.[2]

Some time later, Ben Reilly got Seward Trainer's permission to use his Vermont cabin, but he received there a frantic call there from Seward telling him to get out of the house: just after Ben exited, the cabin exploded[3].

In other realities

Earth-9047 (The Humorverse)

In Earth-9047, Son of Satan opposed (a?) foul abomination of evil in Vermont. An allmighty Edi-tor interrupted the fight to report an important change in the hero's life.[4]

Points of Interest


  • Rutland is the home of an annual super-hero parade at Halloween. Several Marvel Characters have attended on Earth-616.


  • No trivia.

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