Quote1 Funny thing. Turns out chocolate’s a good source of the phenethylamine the Other needs. So, as long as I remember to buy it presents now and then – we’re gonna live happily ever after. Quote2
-- Venom

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  • The Orderlies

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Synopsis for "Part Four: Resolutions"Edit

Dr. Paine and his goons attack Eddie and the symbiote, knocking them out. They take the symbiote and leave Eddie to himself. Eddie’s still in danger, since he planted a bomb just in case he didn’t make it out of the earlier fight alive. He escapes at the last second, swims through the muck of the Hudson River, then mercilessly beats up some punks on a pier with a chain.

He can sense that Paine is torturing and experimenting on the symbiote. He thinks of how Paine is foolish not to think that Eddie would go after him out of revenge for all the innocents he has harmed. He sneaks into the complex and finds the symbiote in a large stasis-tube. Paine and his men are waiting for him. One goes after Eddie, but gets his face shoved into the tube a couple times until the glass breaks, setting the symbiote free. Eddie becomes Venom once again and takes down all of the Orderlies while singing David Bowie’s "Let’s Dance" until realizing that he can’t remember how the rest of it goes. He corners Paine and asks him if he doesn’t like his singing.

Venom impales Paine and prepares to torture him, but Paine tells him that he wouldn’t be able to feel any of it. Instead, Venom reaches into Paine’s brain and sucks out all of his phenethylamine. It renders Paine a crazed mess with an insatiable hunger for human brains. As time goes on,Eddie is more well-balanced and gives a homeless man some money. He goes to his home in the sewers and enjoys a heart-shaped box filled with chocolates. Turns out chocolate is also a good source for phenethylamine.

  • This comic presents the last appearance of Dr. Paine.

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