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Eddie Brock Sr. teamed together with Richard Parker to develop a revolutionary means to heal humanity of disease and illness. Their basis was to create a symbiotic biosuit that would encase and augment the wearer's body; the project was named Project Venom.[citation needed]

Richard and Eddie were't able to complete their project and sought the partnership and resources of Trask Industries to help complete their project. Brock signed an agreement over to Trask, and Trask eventually took the project away from Parker and Brock.[citation needed]

To prove their ownership of the suit in court, Richard and Eddie began secretly working on their own version of the suit[1]. It is known they reached Stage 2 of the suit - form-fitting and strength-enhancing[2]. However, as they flew to New York to battle Trask in court, Eddie tested the suit on the plane, which ultimately resulted in the deaths of himself and his wife, as well as Richard and Mary Parker[3]. In the meantime, Trask Industries continued development of the "Symbiote Effect" project, engaging in a corporate war with Roxxon, which somehow managed to acquire samples of the Venom Suit.[4]

Peter met his long-lost childhood friend, Eddie Brock Jr., after discovering boxes of old documents and video tapes in a hidden room in his basement, indicating both their fathers worked on the 'Venom Project'. Eddie was a student at ESU, and showed Peter 'their inheritance', A biological "suit" that could enhance and heal a sick person. Peter took a sample of the suit, but spilled some onto him, which formed into a black costume. When Peter raced after an armed robber, the suit took a turn for the worse. Recollecting the death of Uncle Ben, Peter lost control and fell off a building onto some electricity cables. Peter returned to ESU where he confronted Eddie and revealed his identity. He destroyed the rest of the formula. Eddie then pulled another flask from storage, and transformed into Venom. He tracked Peter down to Midtown High and the two battled. Eddie stepped on a loose power cable, seemingly vaporizing him instantly.[citation needed]

Eddie was later revealed to have survived his apparent electrocution and having been on the run for several months. He had survived getting consumed by the suit by feeding on innocent bystanders. As Venom, he attacked Spider-Man at a museum and was beaten into submission by Silver Sable and her Wild Pack and later taken into confinement by Bolivar Trask and Adrian Toomes. The two leading researchers made a deal with Brock to remove the symbiote, to which Brock accepted. While Brock (as Venom) was being contained in a research chamber and being studied by Trask and his scientists, Beetle suddenly broke into Trask's facility and attempted to retrieve a sample of the symbiote from Venom. However, after being released, Venom attacked the Beetle. The Beetle managed to take a sample from the symbiote, causing Venom to rampage and devour the scientists. After cornering the Beetle in one of New York City's streets, Spider-Man fought Venom. Just before Venom could claim victory, the suit left Eddie and bonded with Peter, taking over him and turning him into Venom. Eddie pleaded for the suit to take him back, but Peter/Venom, unable to control his actions, ignored him. Soon, the Ultimates arrived and battled the new Venom, giving Eddie time to escape. Venom was ultimately defeated by Thor, and Peter was freed from the suit, which was taken by S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives for study.[citation needed]
Gwendolyne Stacy (Clone) (Earth-1610) vs. Edward Brock, Jr. (Earth-1610) from Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 128 001

Venom Vs. Carnage

Eddie reappeared at Peter's high school and threateningly demanded that he get his suit back. If Parker refused, he'd reveal to the world that Peter was Spider-Man. Later, he showed up at the Parker household, looking for Peter. Instead, he was confronted by May Parker. Eddie lied to May that he was a friend of Peter. But, after May asks a few questions to Eddie, she put him at gun-point, having seeing through his ruse. Eddie quickly overpowered May and took her gun, threatening her. Spider-Man quickly subdued him and angrily brought him to a desolate industrial part of New York City. Peter berated Eddie for wanting the Venom Suit back, and when Gwen Stacy, who had followed them, arrived he asked her to transform into Carnage and show Eddie the kind of monster he wanted to become. But this backfired when Eddie reached out to Carnage, who fired two streams of biomass at Eddie. Eddie assimilated part of the Carnage symbiote to regenerate his suit and Venom again. Realizing what was happening, Spider-Man tried to separate the two, but was knocked aside by Venom, enraging Carnage. Carnage tackled Venom and the two fought like wild beasts.[citation needed]
Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 128 page 16

Venom's second form

After a fierce battle, Carnage was absorbed by Venom, which not only freed Gwen but also transformed Eddie into an enormous Venom with glowing red eyes. Venom told Spider-Man that he did not want to fight, as he had what he came for, and quickly escaped to the sewers as Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents arrived on the scene. Eddie later appeared in Central Park recalling his previous events to a passerby. When the passerby asked Brock if he fought Spider-Man and was Venom, Brock changed into the symbiote to devour the man. However, the passerby revealed himself to be the Beetle, and Venom was easily captured and taken to Latveria.[5]

When Betty Brant tried to uncover the true identity of the new Spider-Man, the successor of the deceased Peter Parker, and found, dead, the genetically altered spider which gave him powers, Venom broke into her apartment and killed her.[citation needed]

Venom later attacked Jefferson Davis, believing him to be the new Spider-Man, not realizing that the new Spider-Man was actually his son; Miles Morales. Miles appeared and attacked Venom, and the two did battle until the police arrived, mirroring Peter's first fight with Venom. Venom managed to get away by slipping into the sewers, leaving Miles with the police.[citation needed]

It later reappeared at the hospital, having followed Jefferson Davis, who was wounded during Venom's battle with Spider-Man. Venom went into a frenzy, demanding he be given Spider-Man. Miles appeared again to hold off the creature. Rio Morales tried to shoot the creature with a pistol, but it had no apparent effect. Venom consumed Miles and turned his attention to Rio. Venom mortally wounded Rio, just as Miles used his Venom blast to break out of the suit. [citation needed]

The symbiote was forced to abandon its host, revealed to be Dr. Conrad Marcus, having stolen Roxxon's sample of the symbiote, and both it and Marcus were shot by the police. While Conrad died, it is unsure what the fate of the symbiote is.[citation needed]


Venom's powers all stem from the suit that has bonded to Brock. The suit was designated to restore and rebuild damaged body tissues, granting Venom tremendous regenerative abilities and augmenting his physical abilities. It can also project organic "webbing", and is capable of limited shape-shifting. Ultimate Venom is much more physically powerful than Spider-Man, although he does not have the same amount of speed and agility. Venom can lift at least 25 tons. His suit cannot create organic webbing, but instead uses extruded tentacles to 'web-swing' from building to building. In the video game Ultimate Spider-Man, however, he uses his impressive physical strength to leap from building to building at an incredibly fast rate, jumping several hundred feet in a single bound.

Unlike the original Marvel Universe Venom, who does not activate Peter's spider-sense, Ultimate Venom instead overloads it, to the point where Peter is in such physical mental pain that he sometimes cannot move. This seems to have stopped once Venom absorbed the cells of the first sample from his blood, as both parts of the Suit had been trying to reunite.

Unlike the original, Ultimate Venom is not specifically vulnerable to sonic sounds or fire, but given that Peter was able to dispose of the first Venom sample (and later Carnage, which was based partially on the same DNA) in an industrial smokestack, some weakness to fire must be assumed. Brock seems to have had a much greater negative reaction to the suit than Peter did, probably due to the genetic similarity between Peter and his father, who was the suit's intended user. After Spider-Man fought with the Shocker again and gets hit with a sonic blast, he dismisses it as relaxing, indicating the suit has no weakness to sound. Judging by the things that can injure or kill Venom, such as electric-shocks from downed power lines, Venom is vulnerable to things that compromise the entire suit all at once, so that there is nothing left to regenerate from.

Also of note is that when Peter wore the Suit, it was a small sample stretched over his entire body, making it thinner, and thus more likely to vaporize in extreme electricity; however, Eddie took a whole jarful of the suit, making a mix that could quite possibly withstand the same amount of voltage Peter suffered.


Venom overloads Peter's spider-sense.

Strength level

While the exact extent to his strength is unknown, Venom has been depicted as vastly stronger than Spider-Man. Venom should be capable of lifting at least 25 tons.


Venom is vulnerable to electricity and possibly to fire. The Venom Suit is constantly ravenous and consumes incompatible hosts from the inside out, forcing them to devour other living beings to satiate it.

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