A mercenary and a hired assassin, Venger was hired by Queen Erin in slaying a female dragon named Marysal, who fell in love with Erin's son Prince Domenic. However, Venger's actions cause King Michael to took a dagger from the assassin when the king saved Marysal's life. Ultimately changing Erin's vendetta on Marysal and branding Venger an outlaw after his defeat at the hands of the Exiles. Eventually, while on the run Venger was by Empress Hydra of Earth-1720 to join her mission against the Exiles to dominate the Multiverse.[1]

Venger later appeared with his new allies in battling against the Exiles, and during the fight he first confronted Psylocke and then knocked out by Slaymaster for interrupting his fight with her.[2]


Venger is both greatly skilled in martial arts and with weapons, being able to fight even superpowered beings effortlessly. He is also a famous dragon hunter.


Various weaponry (claws, sniper rifles, nets, crossbows etc.)

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