Vendetta first appears saving an unidentified mutant from destruction at the hands of the Sentinels in New York City.

Vendetta (Earth-1298) 003

Vendetta uses his powers

He's soon caught, and is sprung from their grip by Firestar. The two team up and visit the President in the White House, where Vendetta uses some kind of power to 'exorcise' the Goblin Queen's corruption from the President. It looks as though he is killed, though it's not stated in so many words, but this would make sense since Reed Richards becomes president at the end of the book.[1]


Acrobatics, Enhanced Strength, and some kind of "Exorcising" ability, much like that of Scotty Summers, only the subject seems to die from the experience.[1]

  • It is interesting to note that the "President" Vendetta seems to kill was previously named as the Vice President in Mutant X #8, with no mention of how he became the actual President. Similarly, Reed Richards becomes President, even though there was no election and he was not in line to become President when the current one was murdered. Somehow he just got the job.[1]
  • Vendetta's real name, or alternate identity are never revealed, but the character seems to move like Daredevil, Spider-Man, or Deadpool, and uses quite a bit of joking or sarcasm, leading the reader to believe it could possibly be Deadpool of Earth-1298. This theory is further solidified by the fact that the character, though a hero, is also okay with murdering people.
  • When scanned by the Sentinels, Vendetta's origin was indeterminable.[1]

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