One of the two surviving spores of his father, Krakoa, he took control of an island, later christened Wagner’s isle, and the inhabitants began to worship him. When Nightcrawler crashed his plane there, he found Vega-Superior in the caves under the island, who had inherited his father’s memories of the X-men’s genetic code, including that of Nightcrawler. He tries to choke Nightcrawler, but he manages to escape. He makes versions of the X-men out of natural materials, such as a Colossus made of stone, a Wolverine of Ice, while Cyclops shoots lava. He is defeated when, after Nightcrawler defeats his Vega-men, he chases him into the Ocean before realizing he cannot swim. [1]


  • Capable of creating and controlling entities with similar genetic codes to the X-Men that defeated its parent. These included an ice Wolverine, a stone Colossus, a plant Angel, a muck Nightcrawler, and a Cyclops capable of shooting lava from its "optic visor."
  • Limited control of the island surrounding him.


  • Incapable of swimming.
  • His creations had limited use, and his control of them was easily interrupted.

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