Once, the Kingpin of Crime sought the Tablet of Time, but it was stolen by the Black Cat, who wanted revenge on Fisk for putting her father in jail. She threw it in the water before being impaled by Elektra.

It was later revealed that Kingpin wanted the tablet for his wife Vanessa, who was in a coma. Although he didn't believe in it's alleged powers, she did, and he would do anything to wake her up.

Later, after Kingpin torched his law office, a crazed Daredevil broke into Fisk's home and threatened to murder the comatose Vanessa by snapping her neck, but was stopped by Spider-Man. Fisk ordered Vanessa to be taken out of the country before he was arrested himself over the attempted murder of Moon Knight while the hero was undercover as Ronin.


None known


None known

Strength level

Normal human female


None known

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