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Quote1 Did you really think you had a chance, you mangy creatures... ...Against the Invincible Woman... Quote2
-- The Invincible Woman src

History of character is unknown.


Mystical Shadows: Valeria is able to generate and manipulation mystical shadow constructs, for a variety of effects;

  • Telekinesis: Valeria is able to utilize her generated mystical shadows, to enable her to simulate telekinesis.
  • Force Fields: Valeria is able to generate mystical shadow constructs which she can manipulate into a number of relatively simple forms; rectangular planes, cylinders, globes, domes, cones, etc.
  • Shadow Form: Valeria can convert her body into mystical substance, that is similar to the mystical shadow constructs.
  • Flight: Valeria can utilize her generated mystical shadows, to enable her to fly to a limited degree.
  • Shadow Haze Manipulation: Valeria is able to generate a mystical shadow haze. She is able to manipulate this mystical shadow haze, to;
    • Suffocation: Valeria can force this mystical shadow haze down the throat of an opponent, thus keeping them from breathing.
    • Restrain: Valeria can utilize this mystical shadow haze to restrain opponents very efficiently by entangling them.

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