The past history of Valeria on Earth-808 mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart until her lover Victor von Doom went to university in America. In this reality, Victor would succeed in his experiment to contact the afterlife. Learning what he could about the occult he would succeed in freeing the soul of his mother from Mephisto earning the demons wrath.

Doom would free the Valeria and the people of Latveria from the rule of the evil Prince Rudolfo whom would be slain. Taking control of Latveria. Doom would marry Valeria, however their wedded bliss would be short lived. Mephisto would come and take the entire nation of Latveria and Doom would be powerless to stop him. Mephisto would offer Doom to return Latveria in exchange for either the soul of Valeria or himself. Unable to surrender himself as he saw himself as too important, Doom would sacrifice the soul of his wife to save his people although Doom would immediately regret it.[1]

Once a year Doom would be allowed to cast a spell to try and save Valeria from Mephisto's realm, however to date he has yet to succeed.

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