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Val-Larr was the defender of Luminia, wielding the solar sword against the shadow hordes of Shar-Khan. He once had a run-in with Iron Man, when The Collector kidnapped Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan in order to force Iron Man to steal the solar sword for him[1].

Strength level

Val-Larr possesses superhuman strength and durability of an unknown degree.


  • Solar Sword: Val-Larr wields the Solar Sword, a weapon which absorbs ambient light and enables its user to channel this energy as blasts or strobes. In the realm of Luminia, where ambient light is poor, this is a very potent weapon. In an earth-like dimension, it quickly becomes overloaded by the amount of ambient light, and becomes a deadly threat, having the potential to explode with nova-like force.

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