V-4 was one of eight mutant children born to the scientist and latent mutant Hanna Verschlagen, conceived from different fathers, for the purpose of draining their energy to activate her powers. Martin Strong and Neurotap took V-4 and his brother V-3 into their custody to prevent this.

When V-1, also known as Hanransha, enlisted the aid of Rictor and Shatterstar to save his siblings, the two mutants traced V-3 and V-4 to their old foe, Strong. Hanransha was horrified to discover his brothers in stasis tubes, until Strong informed him that he was in fact trying to save them from their mother. Even with this information, Hanransha declined Strong's offer to be similarly put in stasis, and set out to find his four remaining brothers.[1]



This article's image depicts both V-3 and V-4, as it is never specified which is which.

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