A pretty commonly asked question, but i'm still goign to bring it up. Don't question it. Just give me your opinion. Which is better? Consider some of these things:

           * DC only has about 7 well-known characters
           * Marvel is more believable through non-superpowered heroes
           * Marvel copies DC and DC copies Marvel
           * DC makes really cheesy heroes (Superman basically set the bar for cleshe)
           * I'm aiming all of these towards DC aren't I?
           * Most people would mistake half of the Marvel characters for DC
           * Batman and Superman are much more popular than any Marvel character
           * Wolverine, Spiderman, Iron-Man, Captain America, and The Hulk are commonly mistaken for DC characters

I used some points twice, and most of these "facts" are just personal opinions, so feel free to post some more legit facts or bag on some of my fail facts. I won't take it personal, unless you overexagerate on EVERY mistake i make.

-As of 12/13/12

              So, basically, you guys are going to ignore my entire bottom line? You kinda just did. Going on and on and on about me failed facts AND overexagerating on every little mistake. Nice.