Now that in a recent edition of Daredevil, the US Supreme Court has ruled in the landmark case of New York v Strugansky, that it is permissible for superheroes to testify in open court(presumably Federal as well as State courts)WITHOUT being compelled to reveal their so-called "secret identities"(and risk retaliation not just by "super villains" but also "ordinary criminals"(including but not limited to organized crime groups such as the Maggia or the Kingpin), the $64,000 dollar question is: WHAT NEXT??? Given that it at least TWO Justices dissented from this ruling, it will be tempting to see their reasons for so doing(as well as which ones did so, probably from the "strict constructionist wing " of the Court- Clarence Thomas, Chief Justice John Roberts). Personally to my mind, this ruling has been long overdue-as far back as HULK#153, July 1972) and X-Men V Avengers#4(1986) we see masked heroes such as Iron Man and Captain America testifying on open court(both Federal and an international tribunal) and NO ONE makes an issue of their being masked or refusing to disclose their true identities(True nowadays, BOTh heroes have revealed their true identities but many other heroes such as Spider-Man and Daredevil remain"in the closet" if you will for obvious reasons) whereas others such as the Fantastic Four have been "out" since almost the very beginning(you try hiding your identity when you look like the Thing!). Does this only apply to American superheroes( I use the term "American" loosely, to describe those heroes who are either US citizens by birth or naturalization or for whatever reason spend so much time in the US that they might as well be eligible for naturalizing such as the various members of the X-Men such as the late Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Colossus who are of Canadian German and Russian origin, as is Natasha Romanova, the Black Widow), heroes from countries that are more or less allied to the US, such as Israel, Canada, the UK, Germany and Japan. but what about those such as the Winter Guard(Russia) whose real world relationship with America is the very least problematical). Or those s who are aliens(in the sense of being extraterrestrials not simply non-US citizens)as The Silver Surfer such ? Can supernatural beings such as Dracula and other vampires(Zombies and werewolves are not sentient) also testify. As ruler of Earth#s vampires, Dracula is arguably a head of state. All I can say is:STAY TUNED!