R.I.P Peter Parker 1962-2012

THE END OF SPIDER-MAN HAS COME!!! Yeah... the end of my hero. The end of PETER PARKER! Am i sad? Yeah! Of course! But issue 700 was a very nice issue (could have been more of a better conclusion but hey whats done is done), and though Peter's death has sadden me, it brings an end to the Spider-Man story. I think it was about time, but still i hope someone does come along to kinda.. IDK make a new series, and not SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN, that's Doc Ock. I'm talking about another thing like "ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN", so am i sad? Yeah, and i don't really care for the new Spidey, cool costume though, and i will read it for fun. But Peter Parker is the real spider-man! And that won't ever change! I'm not saying marvel made a nice move, I hope they like do a reboot and go back to the beginning and do something with peter again, IDK peter died in the comics but he hasn't died as spider-man around us yet! So i hope this "Superior Spider-Man" isn't going to be the main "Spidey" in the next year.s

For those of you that hate it, i can't blame you, i mean they killed of spider-man! Dan Slott has balls, he didn't just kill peter he made DOC OCK a new spidey. Now i do admit, that is cool, but come on dude... that's a bit far, i mean for a little tale that's cool but according to him, it's staying this way! Thank god i still have the next 2 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN films coming up. Though i am sad this happend, i felt it was the end of a very long hard and enjoyable bed time story. 2012 may not of have been the end of the world, but it was the end of the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN!!

And along with a new year we get SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN!! Now i can rant about him, how he is cool but still.. peter parker is an imperfect person like all of us, but now you guys are making him a "Superior" hero? Yeah he's still going to have problems i hope, but why make a hero who is not suppose to be a winner all the time to up top? But IDK i can't tell the future, so you never know until you read it. But aside from those rants i hope everyone has had a great 2012! I have, and i'm hoping you all did to!

HAPPY 2013!!

P.S. Stan Lee turned 90 2 days ago, i wish i made him a birthday blog!!!

P.P.S- sorry for bad writing

"Nuff Said"