Why Classic Marvel Era is important

We are in the 21st Century. Marvel Comics instead of influencing the Silver-screen, is now becoming its victim.

There is one event after another that promises changing Marvel Universe forever. To maintain fan base for the long-term, Disney is focused on going after PG-13 audiences while it forgets that what writers and artists did for Marvel characters from 1941-2011 still remains a favorite of those who represent Generation X and much of the Millenials.

For this reason, Son of Jeddah has created a blog to remember, recognize and recommend stories of greats from the bygone era so that in the long-term, Marvel Editorial goes back to its roots of creating and telling stories of characters for whom being super-hero is not a privilege and all about high-fives, not to mention using such childishness to attract short-term sales boost.

Stay tuned for future posts.