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The Illusion Challenge

Sleeryan25 February 7, 2017 User blog:Sleeryan25

I am going to show you a few riddles that involve math, reading, and thought. Can you guess what the answer is by time your done reading?

1. 2=1

Given: a=b a2 = ab a2 - b2 = ab - b2 (a+b) (a-b) = b (a-b) (a+b) = b a + a = a 2a = a 2 = 1!!!

2. Dr. Seuss's Lost Tongue Twister

This is this cat This is is cat This is how cat This is to cat This is keep cat This is a cat This is dummy cat This is busy cat This is for cat This is forty cat This is seconds cat

3. The F Illusion

"Finished files are the result of years of scientific study combined with the experience of years."

Can you guess what the answers are? Good luck!