So yeah.

Welcome to my blog. AKA the place where I like to rant. AKA my personal comic book journal. AKA the place where my opinions can be relevant and make me not seem like a total d-bag.

So now. Introductions.

Hi. I am Sceptilite. I'm a comic book nerd from the south. In my family, I've always grown up with heroes. Power Rangers, DBZ, etc. My first experience with seeing an actual Marvel Movie in theaters was when I saw 'Iron Man 3. And since then, my love for comic books have grown. Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Captain America, Young Avengers. I even am writing a fanfic about the heroes. I've read a lot. And when I first saw my very first comic online series (, I jumped to it and started reading comics every day (and between you and me. I did it during classes too. Still passed.).

And now I'm here writing code for wikis and actually having fun. It's a real blast and I can't wait to code more.

Look out Marvel Database. Here comes Sceptilite.