This is my character: Jack Nightmare or Notte for short.


A decendent of an Ancient; a millenia year old Ancient race. This makes him a hybrid with a human mother.

He was initially made to be the ultimate hero. His fathers home planet was wipe out by a being known as the Mudleon for which Jack is destined to defeat and while Jack Nightmare is suppose to be the ultimate superhero, he is having a hard time being accepted into the world of mankind due to him being a hybrid of Ancient and Human.


Due to being a hybrid of Ancient and human. He is given an advanced level of Electrokenesis, capable of abilities based on electricity such as shields, speed, strength, size alteration, Teleportation, self sustenance, and adhesion.


Jack has a form of split personality; whenever things are funny, he gets funny (like Spiderman funny) but if things get serious, he gets serious (like Jason Todd/Red hood serious).

He also believes in having relationships with female antagonists (physical, romance, or otherwise).

Purpose in life

His quest is to save the world from the Mudleon for the chances are high that the Mudleon will come to earth.

outfit and Description

His our fit consists of a black muscle shirt with lightning patterns that light up in use of his powers. Along that, he wears spandex-ish pants (somewhat similar to Azari from Next Avengers).

He has caucasion skin with spiky white hair. He is able to transform into a being of pure blue electricity (mostly used during his collossus form because of his size alteration ability) that the includes spiky hair.


Jack's heritage of the Ancients are based on the Ancients from the Stargate franchise with slight twist: few of the Ancients share there names with the gods of mythology such as Zeus, Thor, Horus, etc.

Among the Ancient's writting, Nightmare is properly spelled as Nitamar which means Hero. Notte (which is commonly translated as night from italian) is a common Ancient term for a younger version of Nitamar, thus Notte means "young hero". In proper speech Jack Nightmare would be more fittingly called as Jack the Nightmare because Nightmare is used as more a title than an actual name.

The Ancients are very similar to humans in everyway, the only difference resides in their blood type. The Ancients have a special chemical in their blood stream that if mixed with other races (an offspring) can cause features simmilar to a super-soldier. Jack Nightmare's condition is considered rare because he is a mix of Human blood and Ancient; the Ancients try to not meddle in human affairs (seeing them as violent, savage, and horrifying because of the way humans act among earth). Jack's birth was because of quick planning for the Ancient's home planet known as "Darklight" was wiped out by above said creature with unknown origins.

Among the philosophy of the Ancients and their factions, they see the contrast of Light and Dark = good and evil invertedly (Dark being good and Light being evil).

The Ancients are not known by much humans but people outside of mankind know them for their common white hair of destiny belief.


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