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A question - I need to find one particular villain from Spiderman

When I was a kid, I had Spider Man activity books that came with playing cards and were half composed of typical activities such as Sudoku, etc. and half composed of a comic where Spidey finds out that Green Goblin has a building and when he goes to investigate it, he finds out that GG was trying to clone him using Spider DNA, and he saw disgusting, very lovecraftian-like spider hybrids (those designs were rather intense, especially for an activity book for kids that came with playing cards). I remember two issues with those creatures - one also had a "Where's Waldo" type picture of them too AND the comic, and other one had only the picture.

Anyone knows more about them? What they are called? Do they ever appeared elsewhere? I searched this wiki, the whole "Spider hybrids" category, I typed in "Mutant spider" or "Spiderman clone" and it wouldn't work. So, any help?

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