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With all this buzz about potential sequels and reboots, the question lies in the air: "Which characters should be introduced into Marvel's movie universe?". Spidey has a new saga, The Avengers are coming full throttle and the Fantastic 4 and Daredevil are having reboots so I'm sure many of us here wonder which characters are coming and who should play them

Here's a little pick of my own choices of who should be in any upcoming film:

1.- Daredevil reboot: My personal choice would be Kingpin just by himself, make Daredevil more of his "Street Level" hero. My choice for Daredevil would be Supernatural's Jensen Ackles, he brings a level of youth and good appeal for Murdock. As for The Kingpin, my choice would be WWE Superstar Paul "Big Show" Wight, just because he's the closest thing I can see to the actual Wilson Fisk

2.- X-Men films: I still believe the X-Men movie world NEEDS Apocalypse to be present. Too much of Magneto can be boring (and that's why Matthew Vaughn went with the Hellfire Club in "X-Men: First Class") so the X-Men needs to boost up the level and go with the one and only En Sabah Nur. As for who should play him...nobody has the physical size so my choice would be a good CGI work with the voice of the Darth Vader himself, Mr. James Earl Jones...who can sound more intimidating than HIM?

3.- Other heroes: Many people want Dr. Pym and The Wasp for any Avengers sequel but how about other heroes like Dr. Strange, Ms. Marvel or even Luke Cage? I'd like to see those characters on film. As for who should play them...I'd go for Patrick Dempsey for Doc Strange, Laura Vandervoort for Ms. Danvers (Hey, she already played Supergirl, she can nail any superheroine) and for Mr. Cage, the best one that comes into my mind is Tyrese Gibson

4.- Fantastic Four reboot: Who should be the ones to come out as Marvel's first Superheroic Family? Out of all the cast members of the original two, I'd NEVER trade Michael Chicklis as Ben Grimm. The guy NAILED it, plain and simple. As for the remaining family members, I'd put Sam Worthington as Reed Richards, Charlize Theron as Susan Storm and Justin Timberlake (If you guys can find anybody COOLER than him for the role, let me know) for Johnny Storm

5.- Spidey films: And last but not least...the list of villains is reaaaaaaaaally long so instead of that, I'm focusing all my efforts on this single request: BRING FELICIA TO THE MOVIES!! And by that I mean, the REAL Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat, not the Felicia as the female version of the Vulture that Sam Raimi wanted to bring in his planned Spider-Man 4 cancelled film. Bring the sultry and seductive Felicia to spice up Spidey's world and the best choice for that role is...Dr. Thirteen from House a.k.a. Olivia Wilde. Whilse she lacks in the "Rack" department, she can fill in for the seduction part, and not to mention her feline eyes (If not her, Katy Perry would be a good second choice)