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Who Owns Ghost Rider?

Jamie June 26, 2013 User blog:Jamie
Movie - Ghost Rider SoV

In a decision that will certainly impact Gary Friedrich and Ghost Rider fans alike, a US 2nd Circuit court has overturned an earlier decision in Marvel's favour regarding the ownership of the iconic 70's hero. Two feature films (2007 and 2012) surely re-sparked interest in Johnny Blaze (Earth-616), raking in a combined $360 million USD.

The ruling is an interesting glipse into the hotly debated work-for-hire contracts which have been standard in the past for major comic publishers, such as Marvel and DC Comics.

What will this decision mean for the future of the character in the comics and in the movies? Since this is only an overturning of a previous decision, it's hard to say, but with this much money up for grabs further litigation is sure to follow.

Tell us below what you think of the ongoing court battle for Ghost Rider!

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