I haven't read Civil War in quite a bit but what I remember is Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic went a little Norman Osborn and Dr Doom on us for a while there.

Iron Man's attack on Spiderman, he nearly killed him didn't he. I didn't get a chance to read that one but I saw some panels. And he attacked Cap, with a fancy suit capable of allowing him to go toe to toe Magento and the Hulk, he uses to attack a guy with Spider powers and another with a shield. Both very good friends of his, I might add.

Wasn't the cloning of Thor, their supposedly fallen comrade especially, but cloning anyone, going a bit too far. I remember one scene in particular where Reed is hard at work elbow deep in the Ragnarok's brain case. Not to mention that same clone is responsible for the death of a fellow hero. How is that different that what I hear Red Skull is doing with Xavier's brain?

Cyclops and the Phoenix Five are fugitives and etc... but what about Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic they might have been on the right side of law but they didn't seem very heroic. They seemed more like dictators and mad scientists.

Did either man ever apologies or show any signs of remorse?