Marvel has just revealed their newest Spider-Man event for the spring of 2018. Writer Dan Slott released a description of "And One More Day." (I can't remember what the link was sorry guys, but I did copy the text)

"In the wake of Secret Empire, the Marvel Universe is reeling. But Spidey is hurting most of all. We kill off yet another major superhero there, and after Clone Conspiracy, Peter Parker cannot take another death. So I decided this would be the perfect time to do what I do best: ruin him more. Here's what happens: the Hydra Nation takes over Parker Industries, and afterwards his company can't help being associated with them. Webware is failing anyway, so Peter's not having a good time. Just when all hope seems lost, Peter is approached by the Woman in Red, from my masterpiece One More Day. The lady is an elder Mary Jane Watson-Parker from the Renew Your Vows series, after she had killed her husband and daughter when she was possessed by Venom (oh and by the way, I think that series is soon to be cancelled). She gives Peter his memories back of One More Day, and takes those of One Moment in Time. She tells him that he was supposed to make that deal with Mephisto for the time being, but now he must make a new one to save his company.

Together, they attempt to hunt down Mephisto... but get sidetracked by the Lizard's plot to eradicate humanity! Essentially re-inventing the virus from the Andrew Garfield movie, it turns out that the Lizard persona never did exist. It was always Curt Connors, who hates humanity for the wars they cause. After stopping him and his family, Spidey and the elder MJ find Mephisto... who was secretly the criminal who stopped Peter and MJ from getting married during One Moment in Time! Mephisto shows them a reality that very closely mirrors 616, but Peter remained married the whole time. In a manner I pretty much stole from the Superman thing DC did a couple weeks back, the blue energies of the married Peter and MJ mix with the red energies of the 616 Peter and MJ to make two new individuals: a Peter and MJ who exist in 616, but have always been married!

In the new 616, Peter's company and his marriage are still in-tact, but a startling new discovery rocks him to his core when the elder MJ is killed by a woman who has the blonde hair of Gwen Stacy but the Green Goblin's face! It turns out that Mephisto also changed reality so now Norman Osborn is Gwen Stacy's son! Osborn stole Miles Warren's notes and clones his mother back from the dead, with a vendetta against the happily married Peter and MJ. This unfortunately causes a three-part chain reaction: 1: Gwen Stacy clones keep popping up all over the place, leaving Norman to wonder how much leeway he gave Warren back during the Clone Saga. 2: the Grey Goblin and his sister go on a spiritual journey to discover how they even fit into this whole family tree. 3: Otto Octavius, who has become the Superior Spider-Man again, challenges a confused reborn Peter Parker over who deserves to be the real Spider-Man. Oh and did I mention all of the villains who are still alive after Clone Conspiracy come back too?

It's a wild event: and that's all just the premise! Check it out when it fully comes out next spring in two limited serieses: And One More Day Volume 1, and And One More Day Volume 2."