Today was announced in Entertainment Weekly the next phase of the Marvel NOW! initiative. A third wave of new titles under the banner of "Avengers NOW!," which is solely focused on the Avengers side of super heroes, and is coming this October.

Avengers NOW!

Some of the titles which will lead this event have been announced, like:

  • Superior Iron Man: Tony Stark will finally surrender to his ego and id and become a new cunning, arrogant and detemined man, who will move to San Francisco and unleash Extremis to the world. From Tom Taylor and Yildiray Cinar.
  • All-New Captain America: Falcon is will take the mantle of the Sentinel of Liberty, by Rick Remender and Stuart Immonen.
  • Thor: As you already know, the new female Thor in a series by Jason Aaron and Victor Ibanez.
  • Deathlok: Featuring the new Deathlok, by Nathan Edmondson and Mike Perkins.
  • Bucky Barnes: Winter Soldier: A new journey for the Winter Soldier in space, by Ales Kot and Marco Rudy

What are the other character's presence in the poster hinting at? Which new titles do you expect? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Comic Book Resources

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