Created by Enmity from several former armies of beaten villains, such as Dormammu. Unum's goal was the destruction of every hero in the universe, beginning with the female heroes. After killing several, she came to Earth, but many of the female heroes had been taken by the Collector for their protection. Tracking them to the Collector's world, she began battling the Collector until the various captured heroines joined the fight. Eventually discovering that the entity Enmity was behind Unum, She-Hulk informed Unum that while all of her former masters had used her, they had at least used her for some purpose, whereas Enmity was merely using her for her own humor. Unum then turned on Enmity, destroying the physical body Enmity had taken and destroying herself in the process.

Power Grid [2]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter




Wielded an axe capable of firing energy beams.

  • While Unum's body is feminine, she is not, technically female.
  • Unum's name may come from the phrase "e pluribus unum" found on the Seal of the United States. Meaning "Out of many, one," it refers to how many concepts or things can come together to form a single concept. This accurately describes Unum who is a single being created from an amalgam of many villains.

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