Quote1 Listen, if Spidey wants to keep his identity a secret, I'm sure he has a good reason, and that's all I need to know! I'd never do that to Spidey -- never! Quote2
-- Flash

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Synopsis: Spiderman is speaking with Batwing and offers to take him to Reed Richards to help find a cure for Batwing. Batwing gets worried and walks away. We see that Sally Avril and Jason Ionello are watching Spiderman through binoculars to try to figure out Spiderman's ID. Spiderman catches them, asks them to leave him alone, and swings away. The next day Jason makes up a story about how Spidey was going to attack him but Sally calls him out on being scared. Peter Parker receives a flyer for a new eye clinic and he decides to go since Aunt May has been asking him to go. He meets Dr. Winslow who puts him in a machine which is supposed to test his vision. Peter's spidey sense goes off and he passes out. Dr. Winslow wakes him up and escorts him out of the office. We see after Peter leaves that Elektro was behind a curtain and they both have an evil plan. He comes to the Daily Bugle office to pick up Betty Brant for a date. Jonah Hameson yells at Peter on his way out to get some pictures of The Big Man and his Enforcers. During their dinner, Peter feels woozy so they end their date early. Spiderman decides to try to find the Big Man. While trying to convince one of Big Man’s henchmen to tell him where to find him, he gets woozy again. He proceeds to grab two bags of cash from the robbers and he starts going to Dr. Wilson’s office following a group of people all doing the same. Sally and Jason were spying on him again and end up following spiderman to the office not believing that he could be a crook. We see that the doctor and Elektro were using the eye-testing machine to broadcast a signal and control people that had come to the doctor before. They get worried when they see spiderman in the crowd but they soon realize that he is under their control. Elektro goes into a flashback about how he became Electro (got struck by lightning while working on high tension wires becoming an electrical generator) and how Spiderman foiled him by using a firehose last time. Sally and Jason are watching from the side and decide to take a picture which brings Spiderman out of the trance. The doctor tries to get the other people to go after Spiderman but Spidey forces Elektro to create an electric shield around himself, and releasing a flash that brings everyone out of their trance. Elektro starts to get ready to attack spiderman but Sally comes from behind and kicks him allowing spiderman enough time to knock him out. Afterwards, Spiderman takes a picture of Sally and Jason and puts them in the Daily Bugle as the heroes.

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