Quote1 Sorry, Spider-Man-- --but I can't do it. I guess I just need something -- or someone -- to believe in-- --or maybe I just need someone who believes in me. But either way-- --thanks. Quote2
-- Hawkeye

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Synopsis for "Spidey Battles Hawkeye the Marksman"Edit

After dinner with Betty Brant, Peter Parker is distracted by a shadowy figure in the rooftops. He leaves her with the pretense of taking crime photos, but then changes to Spider-Man and swings after the battling bowman called Hawkeye.

The talented marksman gets the better of the Webslinger, but Spidey follows him home and spies on him and the Black Widow. It is clear that the Russian spy is using the archer's affections for her to achieve her political ends. The Widow's minions catch Spidey spying and attack him.

Ducking out of the battle, Peter Parker goes back to his Aunt May, who continues to try to set him up with Mary Jane.

Meanwhile, Hawkeye is torn between loyalty to his country and love for the Black Widow. She insists that he steal a missile-targeting system from Williams Innovations.

Spider-Man confronts the conflicted archer at Williams Innovations. The head of the company, Simon Williams (the future Wonder Man) is used as a hostage, and Hawkeye escapes.

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