Quote1 You know -- I think there's another reason they call you the Terrier, Gord! It's because you're nothing more than a dog to them-- --an animal, to be sicced on thier enemies-- --and if you screw up, they'll just cut you loose, because you don't know anything that can harm them! Quote2
-- Spider-Man

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It starts out with Betty being forced to open up Jonah Jameson’s safe in his office by her ex-boyfriend Gordon. He places some papers in there for “some friends” and they both leave. Later that morning we learn that Daily Bugle trucks are being hijacked all over the city from a driver Spider-Man saves. In school Flash Thompson has Peter listen to a radio broadcast which says that J.J. Jameson has been arrested for financial malfeasance. Peter goes to visit Betty at the hospital and they meet Gordon there. He knocks Peter out with two punches when Peter attempts to tell him to go away. Peter and Betty get into a fight when he tries to help her so he goes back to school. Tiny comes back to school and finds support from his friends. We then see Jonah Jameson being blackmailed by Gordon to sell a stake of the Bugle to Nick “Lucky” Lewis but Jameson refuses. Gordon threatens Jameson but Spider-Man comes in before anything happens. Betty returns to the office to witness the fight. Spider-Man brings Gordon down to the press room where there’s less people. Gordon gets angry and tells Spider-Man he has a nickname now “The Terrier” while trying to kill him. Jonah Jameson tries to intervene but Spidey puts him on the ceilng for his safety. While distracting Gordon he uses large rolls of unused newspaper weight tons to knock out Gordon. Peter comes by to give Betty some emotional support but she blows him off to talk to the lieutenant. In the last panel we see a red-headed girl hailing a taxi.

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