Quote1 You know, I wonder if that was the Scorcher's problem -- he was so ready to see the bad in life, he couldn't believe in anything good. So he acted like somebody's lies about him were true -- and if you do that, it doesn't much matter whether they were lies or not-- --'cause they're sure true now. Quote2
-- Spider-Man

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  • Fire trucks

Synopsis for "One Thing Right"Edit

In downtown Manhattan, Spider-Man is tracking Tiny McKeever, who has gone missing from school, only to run headlong into the Scorcher. The Scorcher gets the better of the Webslinger, but Peter escapes by diving into the river.

Peter catches up to Tiny, who has left his home because of his abusive father and taken employment at a gas station. Peter tells Tiny that he must finish school, prompting him to send Peter packing.

Afterward, Peter dines with Betty Brant on a city sidewalk, but she quickly cuts out on him after eating.

At the school cafeteria the next day, Jason Ionello seeks a free table to eat. When Peter offers a place to him, he explodes and throws his tray.

Later, Aunt May offers Peter some reassuring words.

As Spider-Man, Peter takes off to talk to Tiny again, only to run into the Scorcher. The Scorcher heads for the underground gas tanks, but with Tiny's help, the Webslinger escapes the blast. The Scorcher apparently dies in the explosion.

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