• Deadpool1991-now

    Review thing

    February 24, 2018 by Deadpool1991-now

    Great comic. I’m really shocked and interested in this comic, finding myself reading it every day. Why is it so good? I don’t know. Is it Madcap, the humor, the shocking idea of Deadpool having to kill Evan. Geez. Even I’m hating Stryfe at this poin…

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  • Henry Silver

    Delta Force

    February 22, 2018 by Henry Silver

    I've come up with a superhero team called the Delta force. which much rivals the Justice League in some ways. The only thing is it's harder to come up with the costumes for my characters. Anyone have any ideas? I'm open to suggestions.

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  • Nausiated

    Please Note: This blog post is speculative. It's not officially recognized cannon or the editorial position of this Wiki.

    So I've been trying to make sense of the Black Panther's origins and family tree, and after scouring the 50+ years of his advent…

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  • SpiderBree

    Infinity War Theories

    February 5, 2018 by SpiderBree

    Alright, so, a lot of you may think I'm crazy, but hear me out here, okay?

    1) I think that Thanos tried to get the stone out of Vision's forehead but only got part of it, so then Vision became his alias Victor Shade, and Vision is stuck like that bec…

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  • Valerian Jones

    X-Men - Golgotha

    January 27, 2018 by Valerian Jones

    Quite disappointed with this. I found out I was have to go back and re-read stuff to actually work out what was going on but not in a good way. It just seems that some panels are missing so I am never quite sure what's going on. Case in point, in th…

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