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Alf (Earth-616)

Alf (Earth-616) from Tales to Astonish Vol 1 48 001


Alf was a dog guarding the military ordnance plant where the Porcupine used to work as a civilian.[1]

Baski (Earth-616)

Baski (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 574

Sergeant Baski

When their Stryker was hit by an I.E.D., Sergeant Baski fell over Flash Thompson.[2]

Baskin (Earth-616)

Baskin (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 1 231 001

Private Baskin

Edwin Cord thanked Private Baskin and Corporal Winters for firing rockets at Firepower.[3]

Sgt. Baxter (Earth-616)

Sgt. Baxter (Earth-616) from Man Comics Vol 1 14 0001

Sgt. Baxter

Sgt. Baxter and his team during a patrol ended up in a minefield when a panicked soldier began to flee by detonating a mine which in turn blew up all the other mines, killing the whole team, however on the verge of death Sgt. Baxter was able to communicate that the field ha been cleared.[4]

General Berry (Earth-616)

General Berry (Earth-616) from Captain America Comics Vol 1 14 0001

General Berry

He was killed by a poisoned flower given to him by a traitorous ally of the Yellow Claw despite the warnings of Steve Rogers who advised him not to smell the flower.[5]

Bob (US Army) (Earth-616)

Bob (US Army) (Earth-616) from Journey into Mystery Vol 1 86 001


Bob witnessed Thor bringing back to the Army the cobalt bomb stolen by the Tomorrow Man.[6]

Carlson (Earth-616)

Carlson (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 29 001

Major Carlson

Major Carlson worked under combat conditions in the Army medical corps; he was called by Captain America to cure Goliath. After visiting him, he informed the Avengers that he will recover, but must never attempt to shrink any further than his present 10-foot size.[7]

Colonel Carter (WWII) (Earth-616)

Colonel Carter was attended to by Pvt. Steve Rogers and James Barnes while taking secret documents for the war effort in the Pacific theater, only for their transport plane to crash near an uncharted island. He was narrowly rescued from torture by Malaysian natives under the command of a Nazi spy when Captain America and Bucky appeared. The two heroes disappeared after rescuing him, and Carter was picked up soon after by a naval battleship along with Rogers and Barnes. He thereafter continued on his mission to Singapore. [8]
Later, Carter would be approached by Major Dumort of the Free French movement with the offer of smuggling French military secrets to America. This, however, was a ruse to allow Dumort, a Vichy traitor and double agent for the Nazis, access to Camp Lehigh, which was about to engage in war games. Dumort's men replaced the arsenal for the competing companies with real weapons, hoping the American servicemen would thus unintentionally kill each other. Luckily Rogers and Barnes realized what what was happening early and warned Carter, who quickly ordered a halt to the war games before the camp was wiped out. [9]

Charlie (Earth-616)

Charlie from Kent Blake of the Secret Service Vol 1 7


Charlie was a pilot in the American army, who was assigned by General Carter with the mission to pilot Kent Blake to the enemy base in Huichon.[10]

Charlie (US Army) (Earth-616)

Charlie (US Army) (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk Vol 1 4 001


Charlie was part of a military patrol who was sent out by General Ross to arrest Rick Jones, but the boy was rescued by the Hulk.[11]

Some time later, he quicky spotted the Hulk once again, wandering outside his cave.[12]

Charlie was later called to Washington, D.C. when the whole city was trapped inside Nefaria's indestructible dome.[13]

Charlie (MP) (Earth-616)

Charlie (MP) (Earth-616) from Invaders Vol 1 26 0001


Charlie was a member of the Military Police stationed in the Sand Flat Relocation Center who was ordered to open the camp gate to let enter Bucky who was looking for Dr. Sam Sabuki who was there to save the life of Toro.[14]

Charlie (WWII) (Earth-616)

Charlie (WWII) (Earth-616) from Captain America Vol 3 32 0001


Charlie and other soldiers of his team were killed during the first fighting in the Battle of the Bulge.[15]

Clark (Earth-616)

Clark from Kent Blake of the Secret Service Vol 1 10


Clark was a soldier in the American army, and a friend of Dick. After his friend, Dick, was shot by a Chinese communist prisoner, he became enraged and tried to kill the prisoner, but was stopped by Kent Blake, who then took him under arrest for disobeying orders. Clark later realized the importance of taking prisoners, after he took a bullet for one. After seeing that Clark now understood the importance of prisoners, Kent Blake sets him free.[16]

Colonel Collins (Earth-616)

Colonel Collins (Earth-616) from Combat Kelly Vol 1 25 0001

Colonel Collins

While, Combat Kelly, Cookie Novak and Kathy Collins escape by the Chibese Army in a rickshaw, they run directly into a jeep driven by Kathy's father, the Colonel Collins. The colonel thanks the two grunts for saving his daughter and Kathy rewards them with a kiss.[17]

Major Collins (Earth-616)

Major Collins (Earth-616) from All Winners Comics Vol 1 3 0001

Major Collins

Major Collins is invited to a painter's house to see a portrait. Collins takes up the offer and is shocked when it's a portrait of himself hanging from a rope. Suddenly, Collins feels compelled to do just that and later hangs himself from a lamp post in the street.[18]

Curtis (US Army) (Earth-616)

Curtis (US Army) (Earth-616) from Tales of Suspense Vol 1 65 001

General Curtis

General Curtis was one of the victims targeted by the Red Skull.[19]

Colonel Davidson (Earth-616)

Colonel Davidson (Earth-616) from Captain Savage Vol 1 10 0001

Col. Davidson

He gave orders to Captain Savage that despite the overwhelming forces of the Japanese Army, he and his men would have to hold the position.[20]

Dixon (Earth-616)

Dixon (Earth-616)

General Dixon

General Dixon was invited to Anthony Stark's little party at the Smart House.[21]

Ellis (Earth-616)

Ellis (Earth-616) from Marvels Project Vol 1 1 001

Colonel Ellis

During World War II, Colonel Ellis recruited Nick Fury and Red Hargrove.[22]

Emmett (Earth-616)



Emmett was one of the soldiers deployed alongside Valkyrie in order to defend Philadelphia from the Thule Society.[23]

Feaster (Earth-616)

Feaster (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 3 65 001

General Feaster

General Feaster came to Keystone after a carnivorous red cloud spread out from Mount Rushmore.[24]

He visited the rescue camp in the Custer State Park with Warbird, but he was afraid to be infected.[25]

Fein (Earth-616)

Captain Fein (Earth-616) from Adventures of Captain America Vol 1 2 001

Captain Fein

Captain Fein was a military prosecutor who was saved from an assassination ambush by Steve Rogers.[26]

Harry (US Army) (Earth-616)

Harry (US Army) (Earth-616) from Captain America Vol 1 175 001


Harry was among the troops who defended the White House from the Secret Empire.[27]

Hays (Earth-616)

Hays (Earth-616)

Captain Hays

During the Vietnam War, Captain Hays was contacted by James Rhoders and Iron Man fleeing from the enemy lines.[28]

Henson (Earth-616)

Henson (Earth-616)

Colonel Henson

Henson was a high-ranking colonel rescued by Captain America from Nazi kidnappers.[29]

Jack (US Army) (Earth-616)

Jack (US Army) (Earth-616)


Jack tried to grab Rick Jones, preventing him to reach Bruce Banner.[30]

Jim (MP) (Earth-616)

Jim (MP) (Earth-616) from Invaders Vol 1 26 0001


Jim was a member of the Military Police stationed in the Sand Flat Relocation Center who intervened when Dr. Sam Sabuki was assaulted by the Agent Axis to kidnap him.[14]

Joe (US Army) (Earth-616)

Joe (US Army) (Earth-616)


Joe spotted Giant-Man's rented helicopter landing at the Los Diablos Missile Base.[31]

Jordan (Earth-616)

Jordan (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 276 001

Colonel Jordan

Colonel Jordan was responsible for the operation against the Masters of Evil's seizure of the Avengers Mansion.[32]

Martin (Earth-616)

Martin (Earth-616) from Civil War X-Men Vol 1 3 0001


Martin was the inside man of Val Cooper in O.N.E. ready to report to her what was happening.[33]

General Martin (Earth-616)

General Martin (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four First Family Vol 1 2 0001

General Martin

General Martin was part of the commission organized by the Ministry of Defense and chaired by General Walter Montgomery who had to decide on the usefulness of using the newly formed team of the Fantastic Four considering an opportunity with external support or putting them directly under the control of the military .[34]

Martins (Earth-616)

Corporal Martins (Earth-616) from Adventures of Captain America Vol 1 1 001


Corporal Martins escorted Steve Rogers to Camp Lehigh.[35]

Marty (WWII) (Earth-616)

Marty (Earth-6+16) Captain America Vol 1 601


Marty was a soldier in the US Army stationed in Belgium during the attack of allied forces against the Nazi forces. Marty was killed by one of his comrades thinking he was a vampire.[36]

McCallister (Earth-616)

McCallister (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 178 001


McCallister was one of the soldiers stationed in front of the Baxter Building when the Fantastic Four were held hostage by the Frightful Four.[37]

McGee (Earth-616)

McGee from Kent Blake of the Secret Service Vol 1 11


McGee was one of the soldiers deployed in China.[38]

O'Connor (Earth-616)

O'Connor (Earth-616)

Colonel O'Connor

Colonel O'Connor came after Hulk when he was holed up in a nunnery with Betty Ross.[39]

O'Riley (Earth-616)

O'Riley (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk Vol 1 340 001

Sergeant O'Riley

Sergeant O'Riley approached Hulk and ordered his troops to shoot at him, but as soon as he reacted, they ran away[40].

Olson (Earth-616)

Olson (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 574 001

Lt. Olson

Lt. Olson was General Hoyt Emerson's aide.[41]
When their Stryker was hit by an I.E.D., as soon as Flash Thompson pushed it with the shoulder, Olson moved out the vehicle to take up position at the closest building.[2]

Peabody (Earth-616)

Peabody (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 255 001

General Peabody

General Peabody raged over the revelation that the Vision had taken control of the US computer systems.[42]

Perelli (Earth-616)

Perelli (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk Vol 1 462 001


Perelli witnessed the Hulk lift an army tank along the perimeter of Area 102.[43]

Pete (US Army) (Earth-616)

Pete (US Army) (Earth-616)


Pete captured and restrained the Hulk after he was found unconscious by Glenn Talbot.[44]

Peter (Earth-616)

Peter (Earth-616) from Thor Vol 1 358 0001


He praises Harokin for his ability to fight with the sword and also tells him that if he could have some M-16 machine gun he would be able to clean up Valhalla in a short time.[45]

Robinson (Earth-616)

Robinson (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 3 68 001

Lieutenant Robinson

Lieutenant Robinson informed Warbird that everyone infected by the Mount Rushmore red cloud had to be transferred to St. Mary's Hospital.[46]

Sam (US Army) (Earth-616)

Sam (US Army) (Earth-616) from Daredevil Vol 1 47 001


During the World War II in an England military base, Sam and Bill Smith witnessed Goliath battle a giant android created by Baron Zemo.[47]

Many years later in the United States, Sam tried to keep Miss Ross safe from the Lords of the Living Lightning, but they eventually managed to invade the military base and hold her hostage.[48]

In Vietnam, Sam came with Willie Lincoln to a Daredevil's show for the troops.[49]

Santos (Earth-616)

Santos (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 574 001


Santos was saved by Flash Thompson, who lost both legs trying to get him safe to the helicopter.[2]

Senus (Earth-616)

Senus (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 574 001


When their Stryker was hit by an I.E.D., Senus couldn't open the top hatch, until Flash Thompson pushed it with the shoulder.[2]

General White (Earth-616)

General White (Earth-616) from All Winners Comics Vol 1 7 0001

General White

General White was about to be hit with the reducing potion thrown to him by Dr. Crime but the vial hit the shield of Captain America that had been providentially launched by him in the protection of the General.[50]

Captain Wilson (Earth-616)

Captain Wilson (Earth-616) from Kent Blake of the Secret Service Vol 1 10 0001

Captain Wilson

Col. Kruger assigned Kent Blake to infiltrate the enemy lines along with Captain Wilson's unit to locate and destroy a new type of artillery developed by the enemy.[16]

Winters (Earth-616)

Winters (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 1 231 001

Corporal Winters

Edwin Cord thanked Corporal Winters and Private Baskin for firing rockets at Firepower.[3]

Former Members

Brackett (US Army) (Earth-616)

Brackett (US Army) (Earth-616) from Truth Red, White & Black Vol 1 2 001

Major Brackett

Major Brackett was killed by Colonel Walker Price immediately after he was relieved by his command at Camp Cathcart.[51]

Charlie (WWI) (Earth-616)

Charlie (WWI) (Earth-616) from Battle Vol 1 68 0001


Charlie was an American soldier who participated in the battles of Flanders during the First World War.[52]

Cutler (Earth-616)

Cutler from Kent Blake of the Secret Service Vol 1 7

Major Cutler

Major Cutler was a major in the American army. After Chinese communists attacked the base near Yanggu, Cutler was hit by the explosion, which killed him in the process.[10]

Dick (Earth-616)

Dick from Kent Blake of the Secret Service Vol 1 10


Soldier in the American army and a friend of Clark, Dick was wounded in battle and later killed by a Chinese communist.[16]

Fitzpatrick (Earth-616)

Fitzpatrick from Captain America Comics Vol 1 20

Colonel Fitzpatrick

During World War II, Colonel Fitzpatrick was killed by the Spawn of the Witch Queen in Egypt, after he discovered the Book of Thoth.[53]

Frankie (Vampire) (Earth-616)

Frankie (Earth-616) Captain America Vol 1 601


A soldier of the US Army stationed in Belgium during WWII, was vampirized by the child vampire Esme Ceorces and overnight began to assault his former comrades until the intervention of Captain America and Bucky that beheaded him.[36]

Harden (Earth-616)

Harden (Earth-616) from Original Sin Vol 1 5 001


In 1958, Harden was killed during a full-scale alien invasion in Kansas.[54]

Hayes (Earth-616)



Hayes was one of the soldiers deployed alongside Valkyrie in order to defend Philadelphia from the Thule Society.[23]

Sal (US Army) (Earth-616)

Sal (US Army) (Earth-616) from Captain America What Price Glory Vol 1 1 001


Sal was shot in the back by his sergeant after Desert Storm.[55]

Tolliver (US Army) (Earth-616)

Tolliver (US Army) (Earth-616) from Original Sin Vol 1 5 001


In 1958, Tolliver was killed during a full-scale alien invasion in Kansas.[54]


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