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Official Name
United States Army
Organization Aliases
US Army, USA, Continental Army


Organization Identity


Base Of Operations
Various military bases and facilities

Organization Leader(s)



The US Army was formed during the American Revolutionary War with the name of the Continental Army. After their victory over England, they eventually grew to become one of the most powerful armies the world has ever known.

During World War II, they created a secret project named Project Rebirth, which was based on creating super-soldiers with the Super-Soldier formula. It was first used by the volunteer Steven Rogers, who became Captain America.

They fought against the Axis Powers Germany, Italy, and Imperial Japan and defeated them.

They fought in the Korean War, where J. Jonah Jameson´s father refused to fight[citation needed] and the Vietnam War, where Frank Castle served.[citation needed]

The US army have experimented with the Gamma Bomb, which resulted in Bruce Banner becoming the Hulk,[1] who they would clash with many times.

The US Army has engaged in multiple conflicts with superhumans.




Transportation: Tanks, war planes, convoys, helicopters, battle ships.

Weapons: Rifles, machine guns, shot guns, bazookas, missiles, bombs, etc.


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