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United Lands of Earth
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U.L.E., United Federation of Earth, Federation, U.L.E. Federation[1]
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The United Lands of Earth[1] (or, U.L.E.), more commonly called the United Federation of Earth or simply the Federation, was an interstellar political entity in the 31st century of Earth-691. Humanss, Mercurians, Jovians, Pluvians, and Centaurians joined as co-equal partners and formed the U.L.E. in In the year 3000[2][3] or (less likely) 3006.; letters page Its founding marked a time of "peace and prosperity"[4] and was regarded as the beginning of a "Golden Age".[5]

ULE defense forces included the Space Militia[1] and the Colonial Marines[6]. The Militia constructed a massive starship-yard called Drydock, but hid it to protect its experimental systems from falling into the hands of the Brotherhood of Badoon.[7] The remaining space fleet proved technologically inferior and was decimated by the Badoon in 3007.[8] Most of the ULE citizens were exterminated and the ULE space was put under the jurisdiction of the Brotherhood's Eastern Zone Council.[9][10]


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