Unipar was an alien from the planet housing the Coconut Grove and whose culture resembles an ultra-stereotypical night club scene.

Since Unipar's people evolved to a stagnation point, not having a mutant manifestation in over a million years, they sent Ariel to Earth to collect examples of mutants, that the Coconut Grove's people could, then, study. Ariel succeeded in forming the Fallen Angels, a group of young mutants that were runaways and thieves.

Ariel convinced the group that they were under attack and teleported them to Coconut Grove, where she presented them to her people and Unipar, only to learn that Ariel, herself, was a mutant and was captured as well. After experimenting on Boom-Boom, the Fallen Angels worked together and escaped. Upon leaving, Ariel convinced Unipar that to continue battle was useless, as it would be a Pyrrhic victory[1], and used an enhanced Sunspot and Devil Dinosaur to threaten him and his soldiers. Unipar then begged Ariel to stay to save his species, but she declined.[2]

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