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This page is about the Uni-Mind of the Eternals of Earth.
For other Uni-Mind, please consult this page.

The Uni-Mind is the Celestials greatest gift to the Eternals. Having no race or gender, the Uni-Mind is made of light, mind, and pure energy. It is created when several Eternals come together and join their will and intelligence.[2]

The Prime Eternal is, normally, the only one able to summon the ritual of the Uni-Mind, determined either by heirdom or by combat in the Hall of Eternal Judgment.[3][4]

In recent years, however, the concept of the Uni-Mind evolved so that an congregation of Eternals could potentially form a Uni-Mind. When Makkari, Thena, Sersi, and Druig were reduced to human form and attacked at a party, a minor Uni-Mind subconsciously linked them enough to begin reactivating their Eternal abilities.[5]

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