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Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 505


Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 505

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Quote1 I came up here to create in peace. Just wanted to make my machines and get smarter, yeah? Problem is, I did. Got too smart. So did the machines. They decided they didn't need me anymore. Learned how to self-replicate and adapt. Sealed off the bunker to the outside world and have tried to kill me ever since. So: Yes, I would very much like to get the hell out of here. Also I just planted a big damn bomb in the room and we should probably run as fast as we can. Quote2
-- Madison Jeffries

Appearing in "Lovelorn" (Part 2)Edit

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Synopsis for "Lovelorn" (Part 2)Edit

A video footage of the Cooperstown massacre, along with the claim that it occurred because of a mutant birth, has been leaked to the press by Simon Trask and his organization, Humanity Now, fanning the flames of anti-mutant hysteria all over the country. Using the video as a springboard, Trask’s goal is to succeed in legislating mutant reproductive rights. However, the mayor of San Francisco refuses to withdraw her support for mutants. Meanwhile, Pixie discovers blood on the bath towel of X-23. Worried, she hands it over to Emma Frost for examination. Agonizing over Cyclops’ refusal to share his secrets with her and allow her to co-lead the mutant community, Emma accepts an invitation to attend a secret meeting orchestrated by Norman Osborn, longing to prove she can be a leader. Meanwhile, in the Russian restaurant, Colossus makes short work of the tattooed man’s lackeys. Impressed by his strength, the man offers Colossus a job as his bodyguard. Piotr hesitantly accepts, hoping it will help him overcome his grief for Shadowcat’s loss. In Canada, Beast, Archangel and Dr. Nemesis recruit Madison Jeffries into their scientific team, tasked with solving the mutant birth crisis.

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