Quote1 Targeting systems locked. Terminate all units. Quote2
-- Sentinels (Earth-1191)

Appearing in "Fresh Upstart"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Unnamed Hellfire Club guests
  • Unnamed guests and waiters of Shinobi Shaw
  • Several New Yorkers
  • Unnamed assassin


Synopsis for "Fresh Upstart"Edit

Sentinels attack the Reavers' base in Australia. They kill them, but they are primarily after Donald Pierce. Meanwhile, the X-Men are invited to a party by Emma Frost. When the X-Men arrive there are some hostilities between them and the Hellions. Soon, however, Trevor Fitzroy attacks, quickly killing Beef and Jetstream. The X-Men then fight him, but find him a match for them. Meanwhile Pierce runs to Gateway and tells him to teleport him to whoever is responsible for the Sentinels. The portal opens to where the X-Men are and the Sentinels attack them as well. One kills Tarot, another knocks down Emma Frost. Jean Grey is struck down also. When the fight is almost over, the Sentinels destroyed, the X-Men claim that Jean Grey is dead.

  • No special notes.

  • Empath is shown along with the Hellions in this issue. However, he is supposedly in Nova Roma during this time frame and in other comics relayed the events in this issue and seems unaware.
  • Tarot is shown to be "terminated" by one of the Sentinels in this issue. However, she is alive and killed again in the next issue by Fitzroy.

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