Appearing in "I Was a Vampire"Edit

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Synopsis for "I Was a Vampire"Edit

A vampire falls in love with a woman and so takes a serum that can cure vampirism, but on their wedding night, his bride reveals herself to be a vampire.

Appearing in "He Lurks in the Shadows"Edit

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Synopsis for "He Lurks in the Shadows"Edit

A killer wants to give up his gruesome trade but he loves his wife and wants to continue to give her expensive presents. He pulls one last job and resolves to tell her he's broke when he goes through a dark alley and feels a knife shoved deep into his back. It turns out his wife is in the same business for the same reason.

Appearing in "The Stooge"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Stooge"Edit

A circus freak with six hands murders his fat lady wife because, even with six hands, he can't keep up with all the orders she gives him.

Appearing in "The Mark of Death"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Mark of Death"Edit

A man tries to shock his aunt into an early grave so he can get her money by pretending he sees the mark of death in her palm. At first he thinks his ploy has failed, because she doesn't show much of a reaction, but later in evening she visits him with a gun and shoots him because she is concerned no one will be around to care for him after she's gone.

Appearing in "A Vampire Is Loose"Edit

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Synopsis for "A Vampire Is Loose"Edit

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Appearing in "The Man Who Changed"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Man Who Changed"Edit

A beautiful woman who loves her ugly husband has her face deformed through surgery just as he is having his face made handsome by a plastic surgeon.

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